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Custom Place Card

Custom Place Card

Custom Place Card
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Place cards are used at the reception, where tables have specified seating arrangements, to tell guests where they are to be seated. They can be printed with the individual names of each guest and may also include the table number. Table cards can also be used, alone or in conjunction with place cards. When used alone, table cards allow for guests to choose their own seat at their specified table.

Event Invitations by Tango Design offers place cards in three types:

Flat place cards, as the name suggests, lie flat on the table and are an economic choice.
Tabbed place cards have a foldable tab, which raises the card slightly, allowing it to be seen more easily from a distance.
'A' place cards are folded in half and stand upright on the table. They are the easiest to see from a distance and by the guests when seated. An excellent choice for when guests may be sitting with others they do not know well.

We have matching place cards for all our designs, that can be purchased with your invitations, or separately. Simply fill in the boxes below to choose the right place cards for your reception.

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