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Kids Eco Craft Card Set

Kids Eco Craft Card Set

Kids Eco Craft Card Set
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A card making set for children made from from a combination of post-consumer office paper and elephant dung. 

It has 10 blank coloured cards, envelopes with stickers, 14 unpainted animal shapes, 5 coloured sheets of paper, a pack of 8 oil pastels and an elephant fact sheet. 

Available in 2 designs: Night and Day

Great for kids presents, prizes and also to raise awareness about conservation of the environment with this eco handmade papers.

This Eco friendly paper is 100% recycled. Not only the production of the paper support small villages in Sri Lanka, it also ensures the survival of the local elephant population. 

No trees are cut to produce these papers and no chemicals or acids are used. 

Paper making process: To make this beautiful paper, the elephant dung is sun dried and then boiled under pressure at 120° to kill any bacteria. It is then mixed to form a pulp and dyed, before being moulded into sheets that are then dried naturally. 

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