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Corporate gifts vary from promotional items in that they are generally of a higher value and are given to maintain or develop a relationship rather than to simply place your logo in front of someone. Traditionally, corporate gifts have been items that can be used within the office. Calendars, clocks, calculators, pens and mugs being common items. These days however, there is a much wider range of options available and companies are realising that a gift of a more personal nature will tend to have a greater impact. Companies are also realising that gifts to their established clients need not be of a permanent nature. This has come about by a recognition that established clients do not need to see your logo or contact details every day. Instead, they are reminded of the reasons they chose your company every time they use your products or services. This recognition has encouraged a move toward consumable corporate gifts such as wine, cookies, chocolates, flowers and hamper baskets, which tend to evoke a greater emotional response than the traditional items. Below, you will find a range of carefully selected, quality products, that can be used as corporate gifts for your established customers or as recognition gifts for your employees. With Christmas coming soon, now is a great time to choose corporate or employee gifts. Please note that some of the gifts below are limited in availability and should be ordered in advance to ensure delivery.

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